Reviews for Flames of the Tiger

"This is an interesting read and will provide much to talk and think about for ages 12-16."

—Marcia Weiss Posner, Jewish Book Council

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“Although students in Grade 6 should be able to understand the exciting and vividly written book, the issues it raises also make it suitable for students in senior grades. It is a superb introduction to the ambiguities and complexities that surround the study of Wolrd War II. It deals thoughtfully with a number of important and throny questions about German life and individual responsibility versus collective guilt during the Nazi era. It realistically describes the instutionalized pre-war anti-Semitism of the Nazis, which led inexorably to Holocaust's death camps. As well, the destruction of Berlin and the vicious battles between SS Panzer units and Canadians and Caen, in 1944, are honestly portrayed.”

CM Magazine

“Equal parts philosophical debate and historical fiction, this book, like Wilson's And in the Morning, presents a compelling and thoughtful story of war that should appeal to a wide range of readers.”

Quill & Quire