Reviews for Lakeland

"Once I started the book, I could not put it down. Allan Casey’s love of lakes is infectious, and in many ways, it parallels my own. A long-term lover of lakes can see many of the things that professional scientists measure and quantify and can reach very similar conclusions." —Canadian Geographic

"Casey writes clearly, offering historical and scientific information, and he writes with the heart of a poet." —Chronicle Herald

"Lakeland takes readers on an enchanting and enlightening journey across Canada, exploring a quintessential element of the Canadian landscape and its very soul—lakeland. With his gentle, exquisite and sometimes playful prose, Allan Casey conveys a powerful message about the value of Canada’s lakes, introduces us to the people who cherish them, and offers both a celebration of and lament for these precious and oft-abused natural treasures." —GG Award's Non-Fiction Jury