Reviews for The War in the Country

"Reading The War in the Country was very worthwhile for the stories of tension, trauma, cultural clashes and urban economics that are forcing change in rural areas . . . And give Thomas Pawlick a nod for believing that a wide alliance of interests is necessary if country folk are to have a say in managing the all-pervasive urban influence." —Alternatives General

"Here, Pawlick chronicles how global forces—from rapacious mining developments to factory farming to poor tax policy—are affecting the countryside for the worse in his own eastern Ontario backyard. A lament for an agricultural nation—and a passionate call to arms." —Green Living

"An impassioned expose of the complicated politics and players behind why our food choices in Canada continue to shrink or are driven into an underground economy." —Canadian Geographic

"Thomas Pawlick's new book The War in the Country: How the Fight to save Rural Life will shape our Future is a rip snorting, page turner filled with intrigue, violence, deception, and greed." —