Reviews for Barkerville and the Cariboo Goldfields

"Here one reads of the lives and pursuits, challenges and solutions, failures nd successes of those who ventured to the Cariboo in the great 1850s gold rush. Who arrived, how they got there, how they were supplied and what they did when not searching for gold—these stories are told in intriguing detail.”

BC Books for BC Schools, 2014-15

"Not only is this an excellent introduction to the history of Barkerville and surrounding regions, it puts the region and its people into the greater context of British Columbian history."

—Susan Smith-Josephy, The Past Is Present, Blogger

"Wright has carried out Cariboo Gold Rush research in archives all over the world, and his detailed knowledge of Barkerville’s past is unparalleled. His detailed popular narrative provides a modern account of Cariboo Gold Rush history that reflects the steadily improving academic understanding of this event."

BC Studies

"An extensive walking tour of historic Barkerville and a detailed description of all the buildings and landmarks make this an excellent visitor guide."

BC Books for BC Schools