Reviews for Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist

The Tyee shares a heartwarming excerpt from Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist.  Click here for more

Dr. Martina Scholtens speaks to CBC's North by Northwest about her new book, and why she was inspired to share her stories and the stories of her patients with the world.  Click here for more

"This book is all heart." —Riaz Meghji, Breakfast Television Vancouver  Click here for more

Read a powerful excerpt from Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist on  Click here for more

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"Scholtens’ memoir is a transformative exploration of a brave, young doctor from a stable, nurtured environment coming of age in a healthcare system unprepared for this growing and struggling underprivileged group who arrive on Canada’s doorstep with so little in the way of material assets yet so rich in experiences. Skillfully through story, she portrays challenges refugees face when adapting to life in BC and her own frustration with how little she believes she helps them. The reader witnesses her discovery and reaction to stories of wounded survivors, from worlds she can barely conceive. Her loving family she portrays as saving her from delving too far into the trauma that she witnesses. Yet she struggles with the competing demands of motherhood and medicine as the two threaten to merge into one, as mother to mother she celebrates with them." —Dr. Maureen Mayhew

"Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist is a pleasure from start to finish: timely and timeless, intimate and wise, compelling and informative. Scholtens offers an insider's view of doctoring, powerful stories of refugees creating new lives in North America, and a personal account of balancing motherhood, medicine, and self." —Louise Aronson, founding co-director, University of California San Francisco Medical Humanities and award-winning author of A History of the Present Illness

"Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist is impressive—a wonderful read but also a deft exploration of multiple current concerns, from how we care for refugees to how doctors balance their professional and personal obligations and care for themselves." —Marcia Day Childress, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medical Education, University of Virginia School of Medicine

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