Reviews for A Cowherd in Paradise

May Q. Wong's A Cowherd in Paradise: From China to Canada was reviewed along side Vincent Lam's The Headmaster's Wager (Random House). Canadian Literature said that they both "offer nothing less than a Canadian ethnic and multicultural history, in which the changing social image of Chineseness is embodied in the existential shifting of individual and family identity." —Canadian Literature

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"This is not the work simply of a family archivist but of an author, for it is rooted in empathetic imagination that immerses the reader in emotional experiences . . . [May Q.] Wong's book reminds us of the struggles of others and the need to remain vigilant about government decisions that impact us all—even here in paradise." —Focus

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"A Cowherd in Paradise manages the writerly task of evoking the perilous, impoverished life of peasants in pre-revolutionary China while delving deep into the psyche of an immigrant to Canada during the period of discriminatory head taxes. May Q. Wong has written one of the best descriptions of foot-binding (her grandmother's) that I have ever read. With honesty, Wong also sympathetically recounts the disastrous conjugal encounter between two strangers—her parents—meeting for the first time on their wedding night. Wong's description of the enforced polarization of one nuclear family, set asunder by a Canadian law excluding ethnic Chinese immigrants—no matter if they are wife, daughter, or son—should be required reading for anyone who cares about citizenship and human rights." —Jan Wong, author of Red China Blues