Reviews for I Am Full Moon

"Hoy Price's sensitive and lyrical style brings the past to life."—Powell River Peak

"A charming contribution to our understanding of the lives of the Chinese in British Columbia."—BC Studies

"Lily Hoy writes of her childhood with an engaging style reminiscent of Emily Carr's stories."—Times Colonist

"As satisfying as reaching the conclusion of a celebratory meal...Itís the best kind of social history, buoyed throughout by Hoy Priceís sense of humour."—Ricepaper

"Filled with love, confusion, family celebrations and family tragedies, these stories open a window to an era long past."—Comox Valley Record

"Written with immense detail, I Am Full Moon captures not just the activities of this very active family, but many of the cultural and emotional aspects of their life."—Quesnel Cariboo Observer