Reviews for The Mighty Hughes

“Craig McInnes’ brilliant book, The Mighty Hughes, captures the road Ted Hughes travelled, proving that truth, principal and a strong moral compass can protect the public interest and enhance the body politic. To understand BC politics, buy this book.” —Bob Plecas, former deputy minister, author of Bill Bennett: A Mandarin’s View

“Craig Mcinnes has written a richly textured, must-read book on the tour de force who is Ted Hughes. This is the story of a man who has led an extraordinary life at the centre of some of the most remarkable events in BC and Canadian political history. It is an inspirational account of a true Canadian hero—a giant in legal, public and political circles.”—Maureen Maloney, QC, Professor of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University and former BC Deputy Attorney General and Dean of Law.

The Mighty Hughes effectively captures the many roles of Ted Hughes in public service, as a thoughtful and indefatigable listener of marginalized groups and issues of social injustice, along with his stature as a fearless and forceful speaker of truth to those in power.”—Michael J. Prince, Landsdowne Professor of Social Policy, University of Victoria

“Craig McInnes’s biography of Ted Hughes provides engaging insight into Ted’s life, career and unshakeable reputation for integrity, wisdom, sound advice, the ability to untangle other people’s messes, and his belief in the value of politicians, good government and the dignity of all individuals. The Mighty (and Fearless) Hughes is the model and high benchmark for all independent adjudicators in the country.”—David Philip Jones, QC, Administrative lawyer in private practice, Conflict of Interest Commissioner for Yukon and for NWT

“Craig McInnes has wonderfully captured the forces that shaped the life and career of Ted Hughes, whose remarkable contributions to the legal and social fabric of Canada will continue to inspire for generations to come those who would give a powerful voice to the most vulnerable in our communities.”—Daniel Shapiro, QC, Chief Adjudicator, Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat

"We used to say that if Ted Hughes did not exist, we would have to invent him. But as Craig McInnes makes clear in this remarkable biography, Ted was his own invention—public servant who established his credibility and integrity case by case, year by year, making some of the toughest judgement calls ever faced in this country.—Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun