Reviews for Christy Clark

"Regardless of your political persuasion, this book is a fascinating look at the inside working of the political parties in BC. It follows Premier Clark’s career from her early days as a member of the Young Liberal party to her rise to the top. Ms. Tyabji does an exceptional job of following the media and its role in shaping BC politics."

—Tracy Sherlock, Fraser Valley News

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"No one knows Christy Clark, and BC politics, better than Judi Tyabji. A must read!"

—Bob Rae, former NDP premier of Ontario and former leader, Liberal Party of Canada

"Kudos to Judy Tyabji for creating a new and fresh window through which British Columbia and Canada can observe Christy Clark, premier of BC. Despite the chasm between my political persuasions and those Premier Clark stands by, I have always been impressed by her commitment to her son and to herself to succeed at the course she has set herself to accomplish. Standing not-very-tall, but hugely stalwart, Premier Clark is as calm and assured, clad in jeans and hard hat before mill workers, as she is in upscale garb speaking to foreign dignitaries and her own government. Judi Tyabji’s work makes the effort to show us that this 'Teflon' image is self-created and that beneath the clear-eyed charisma the Premier exudes there really is a woman whose fears, hurts, victories, and joys are safely contained, managed, and quieted so that her real work can go on. This book lays out evidence to young people everywhere, as mothers universally have always told their children: You can be anything you really want to be if you set your mind and your life in that direction! Thank you, Ms. Tyabji, for this revealing study!"

—Alice Maitland, Mayor of Hazelton, BC

"Judi Tyabji gives us a book that British Columbians should read because they’ll get to know both their province better and the remarkable woman in Victoria who is calling the shots."

—Chief Ernie Crey, Cheam First Nation

"Christy Clark: Behind the Smile is a fascinatingly insightful read, with BC politics and the Liberal Party as the warp and Christy’s life as the weft. Weaving with a comprehensive and cohesive style, Judi’s thorough research gives context to the stories behind the headlines. Regardless of whether you subscribe to her ideology, you will be left with a better understanding of Christy’s voice and her position in BC politics."

—April White/ Sgaana Jaad, BSc, Haida Artist

"Behind the Smile is a useful a starting point for understanding the premier, both in terms of what makes her tick as well as what it might take to beat her."

—Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun

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"Christy Clark: Behind the Smile , . . . is well-researched, clearly written and an excellent history of modern B.C."

—Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun

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