Reviews for 1000 Lashes

"Necessary reading for anyone who wants to better understand a state that many Western countries consider an ally." —Publishers Weekly

"Badawi’s writings are refreshing ...This slim but fascinating and informative volume clearly brings home the consequences of our benign neglect of the Saudi totalitarian situation." —Library Journal

"Badawi writes for his generation, and for all those interested in changing the Arab and Islamic world for the better." — Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Heretic and Infidel

"By continually putting himself in the place of the other, Badawi shows us that the fight for personal and intellectual freedom is never someone else's job, somewhere else. His exhilarating call to action is a reminder that liberty everywhere is always a work in progress." — The Globe and Mail

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"Raif Badawi's is an important voice for all of us to hear, mild, nuanced, but clear. His examination of his culture is perceptive and rigorous. Of course he must be saved from the dreadful sentence against him and the appalling conditions of his imprisonment. But he must also be read, so that we understand the struggle within Islam between suffocating orthodoxy and free expression, and make sure we find ourselves on the right side of that struggle.” —Salman Rushdie