Reviews for The Riverton Rifle

"A fast-moving autobiography..." — Publishers Weekly

"The Riverton Rifle is an amazing read, the classic tale of a young man reaching the pinnacle despite the odds. It's powerful, straightforward, and full of action. Reggie Leach is not just one of the greatest First Nations athletes Canada has ever produced—he's one of the greatest, period. This is a tale for the ages." —Joseph Boyden, author of The Orenda

"Reggie Leach has inspired and encouraged people both in hockey and far beyond it. Wise, witty, and honest, The Riverton Rifle is a remarkable story full of triumphs and struggles that proves Leach's determination to make a difference." —:John K. Samson

"It took great courage for NHL goaltenders to face Reggie Leach's shot—but nothing compared to the courage he eventually found to face himself. The Riverton Rifle is the inspirational story of an incredible personal journey." —Roy MacGregor, author of Wayne Gretzky's Ghost

"Reggie Leach, star of the famed Broad Street Bullies, burned as hot off the ice as on it. The Riverton Rifle chronicles his rise to fame, his personal struggles, and his redemption from the demons that almost destroyed him. It’s a must-read for fans of 1970s hockey and anyone who loves watching a young player take on the star system of pro sports." —Bruce Dowbiggin, author of Ice Storm and The Meaning of Puck