Reviews for The Georgia Straight

Now, as social media has taken hold of consumers’ attention and newspapers have endured crushing economic blows, the Georgia Straight still stands tall.—Bif Naked, activist, author and award–winning recording artist

I would venture to say that the Georgia Straight was the anvil upon which was forged the modern environmental movement. The paper didn’t just report the news; it created the news. It didn’t just report on art and culture; it created and inspired art and moulded culture.—Paul Watson, environmental activist and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Dan McLeod, the Georgia Straight and its reporters and columnists … a platform for alternative voices who opposed the looming destruction of cherished neighbourhoods. The Straight was raided, sued, charged and harassed. Yet Dan and his gutsy band of journalists took on all comers.—Mike Harcourt, community activist, lawyer, former mayor of Vancouver and past premier of British Columbia

The Georgia Straight is a giant national treasure and should – indeed, must – be honoured … a functioning monument to BC’s past, agitating in the present and making no apologies for the fact that it will continue to argue for a future uncontaminated by the infelicities of the Now.—Bob Geldof, writer, musician, activist and humanitarian