Reviews for First, We Brunch

The Times Colonist sits down for breakfast with Rebecca Wellman as she dishes about Victoria's burgeoning bruch culture.   Click here for more

If you've been looking for a delicious recipe for a brunch Dutch Baby, Read Local BC has you covered. Try your hand at this recipe, taken from First, We Brunch.  Click here for more

The Summit Restaurant in Victoria serves up some delicious pumpkin pancakes, and now you can try them out for yourself. Check out the recipe, excerpted from First, We Brunch on 49th Shelf.   Click here for more

Rebecca Wellman and CBC North by Northwest's guest host Khalil Akhtar meet at Nourish Bistro to chat about examples of west coast breakfasts, Victoria's burgeoning brunch culture, and how to narrow down the choices to find your best brunch.  Click here for more

First, We Brunch is a visual feast and poetic love letter to eating great food in one my favourite cities in Canada. I love how Rebecca takes a contemporary look at what brunch is, and reminds us it's no longer that stuffy weekend standard, but an über fresh, casual, and creative meal to eat any time of the day, made better in the company of good friends and a cocktail. Her book goes beyond recipe sharing—it’s a deeply affectionate and personal tour of what makes great food: the restaurants and neighbourhoods they’re in, the people who cook, the ingredients, and, of course, the eaters too!” —Jennifer Danter, acting executive food editor, Canadian Living

“If a delectable brunch—home cooked or enjoyed out—makes you happy, then this scrumptious book will have you grinning ear to ear.” —Eric Akis, Times Colonist food writer and best-selling author