Reviews for Eat, Sleep, Ride

"Unlike a lot of the more inspirational sports books, this one truly inspires to get one off the couch. Howard has a lot of fun on the way down, and shows that people really can participate in major sporting events; it's not the goal that counts but the journey there. Or simply that you get off the couch and on the trail. This is an incredible book, and definitely should find itself on the reading list of every potential athlete, especially those that want to participate but just can't find what inspires them; this book will inspire them." —Portland Book Review

"Tongue in cheek, [Paul Howard] endures the nastiest of weather and the loneliest of trails. He braves bears, mountain lions, moose, wolves, coyotes, all manner of insects and snakes, and the occasional whiskey drinking cowboy, all without losing his sense of humor. The narrative chronicles his twenty-eight day ride to the finish line and reads like a Monty Python script with its descriptions of places like Togwotee Pass, Swatch Range, and the infamous badlands of El Malpais. No, Howard doesn't win the race. But, he lives to tell us about it." —Sacramento Book Review

"The story of a lengthy and sometimes grueling race told with humor and insight, this book is highly recommended for all cyclists, and it will delight armchair adventurers." —Library Journal

"Howard has a rather dry sense of humor and his perspective on American customs and society is fun to read. Eat, Sleep, Ride is very well written and a joy to read." —All Season Cyclist

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"Howard comes across as a nice guy and a passionate cyclist. Be warned—that passion is contagious. You may just end up as a grizzly bear aperitif en route to Antelope Hills." —National Post