Reviews for Finding Rosa

"Edwards had produced a competent, engaging, even a (historically speaking) groundbreaking work." —Literary Review of Canada

"Caterina gives us her experiences in an openly honest portrayal of the frustrations she encounters. In finding her mother she is also finding herself." —Vista Magazine

"Finding Rosa . . . is a funny, searching, honest, and deeply compassionate book. Anyone who has ever cared for an aging relative or a challenging child (or both), anyone who has ever felt burdened by the demands of the caregiver role will sympathize with Edwards' predicament." —Prairie Fire

"Finding Rosa is a fascinating story of two journeys. The first is Rosa's, as Alzheimer's disease leads this ageing woman deep into the netherworld of fear, confusion and loneliness. The second journey belongs to her daughter, Edmonton author Caterina Edwards, as she tries to cope with her mother's decline by delving into Rosa's mysterious and troubled past." —National Post

"Finding Rosa is a compelling work by a skilled writer who draws the reader along on two intensely personal journeys: Rosa's and her own." —Edmonton Journal