Reviews for The Big Picture

"We've got lots of nuts-and-bolts accounts of our environmental predicament—leave it to David Suzuki and Dave Robert Taylor to back up and give us the big view that puts things in perspective. A necessary book!" —Bill McKibben

"One reason for David Suzuki's status as most popular living Canadian is obvious: He is able to see The Big Picture and to communicate that vision to a broad audience . . . These essays offer thoughtful analysis of some of the serious problems we humans have created . . . And they also celebrate some of the things we are getting right. With a mix of humour, righteous anger, and suggested solutions to our problems, the essays in this book are provocative, entertaining, and enlightening." —Finding Solutions

"Few have the vision to see the 'Big Picture'. Fortunately, David Suzuki does. As well as the ability to fit us with a prescription that enables us all to see it as clearly as he does. If you care for the environment, or simply want to gain more understanding of the natural world, you must read this book!" —Ed Begley, Jr.

"Covering suburban sprawl, sustainable transportation, food shortages, biodiversity, technology, public policy and other issues, The Big Picture not only identifies the problems we face but proposes science-based solutions." —Toronto Star

"Suzuki asks us to think beyond just swapping cloth bags for plastic, and instead consider and change the state of not just our neighborhood, but htat of our primary residence—the Earth." —Winnipeg Free Press

"The Big Picture covers issues from suburban sprawl to food shortages and everything in between, seeing science based solutions to today's most pressing challenges." —Granville Magazine

"The Big Picture constructs an environmentalism that celebrates and would protect life on earth. For British Columbia, Suzuki not only puts us 'on the map' but also reconceptualises this place we call home." —BC Studies